Please log your fault or job here no matter how serious the issue is. 

Jobs and faults will only be dealt with using this form and please DO NOT Contact a individual Technician or any other member of the management team (other managers cant help you) via phone. Response times will be slower as this form tells both technicians at the same time.

For absolute emergencies please use your own phone and dial 0753566635 or 07715439848.

before you dial this number please think of the following.

is it a broadcast emergency?  do i absolutely need to contact the technician directly?

examples are shown below.

1) ots not playing the news but everything else is.

 if the answer is yes. do not contact the number above and use the form instead.

2) is there a issue with one of the platforms we are on. But another one is working. (Platforms are listed at bottom of this page.

If the answer is yes  do not contact the numbers above and use the form below instead.

3) is there no sound from ots  or all our listener platforms are not working.

Yes this is classed as a broadcast emergency. under these circumstances you can ring the numbers above.

Response times on all submissions based on fault priority will be addressed as soon as humanly possible.

Technical Ticketing Form

Fault Priority


Use the below box to full out as MUCH detail as possible about the fault.  Times/Location/ intermittent fault ect below the more information you put here helps us fix it more easily

Before you submit this form are your contact details correct? a technician will use these details to update you on progress or ask additional questions.


Thanks for submitting! Your Job has been submitted to both technicians. DO NOT contact the technicians via text, call or post of the fault in the stations Facebook messenger. The fault will be dealt with once a technician becomes available.

There is no need to re-submit the form and a email notifying you of the engineer is working on this job and updates will be sent. So please ensure your email and contact numbers were correct.

Area the fault affects.