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Smart speakers


This is a relatively new and fast changing set of mutually incompatible voice-operated platforms operated by Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri), Google (Google Assistant) and others.

New Brighton Radio can be played via these platforms using the follow invocations:


Amazon Echo (Alexa) "Alexa – Play New Brighton radio on Get Me Radio" if that doesn't work try "Alexa – play NBR Wirral with TuneIn Radio"

Apple Homepod (Siri) "Play New Brighton Radio On Get Me Radio  Or Tune In"

Google Home series: (Google Assistant) "Hey Google, Talk To Get Me Radio And Play New Brighton Radio"

If you need to report a issue with a smart speaker please state what platform you are trying to listen to us on and the make/model of your smart speaker    to report a issue please click here

Smartphone Apps

New Brighton Radio has Multiple ways that you can listen to us, Although we supply the audio to these platforms we have no control over there functioning. If you have a issue with one of the following platforms please firstly restart your app via a force close, if this fails please reboot your device and try again. all failing that please let us know so the issue can be rectified.

we provide audio to the following applications.

Online Radio box

Get Me Radio

Tune-in Radio

Radio Garden

Radio UK

My Tuner Radio

Streema Radio

Live Online Radio

To report a issue please let us know what platform you are having problems with. You can report a issue by clicking here


Audio Streams

At NBR our aim is to be listenable on as many platforms as we can. and as easy to listen to 

as possible.  Sometimes there may be an issue with one of the platforms we are on.

We operate two streams  one is for mobile use. The other is for broadband use.

if one doesn't work please try the other feed.

If there is a problem you can also try the links below for our backup feed.

To report a fault please click here

download (1).jpg

For our backup Stream on a computer.

Click the icon for the software you are using. A file will download (Best used in Opera or Firefox) Click on the file and it should open your player up with NBR Playing.