Please Browse our photos of where nbr started back in 2018 andwhere the station is now. There will be a variety of photos posted here please keep checking back for more!

NBR The Building Of A Studio
Station Mixer Under A Referb
NBR Mixer In One Piece!
NBR Studio Build
NBR Mixer In Its New Home
Mixer Reverb Complete. Studio Build Time
NBR Studio Build Caeos
Jan Mixed In With The Tools!
Technical Hard At Work
NBR Technical Manager Steve Hard at work...Seen Below The Desk as well as on it!
Technical Dept Hard at work!
Technical under the desk.... And he wonders why his tea is always cold!
Playout import and setup
Importing the nbr database and setting up our test feeds
Browser and email setup
Steve Our technical came up for air!
Techical Backup
Backing up our database to a server
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NBR Mixer In One Piece!

NBR Studio Build